On May 21, 2015, the local time, the film ‘Nie Yinniang’, shortlisted in the main competition of the 68th Cannes International Film Festival, held its premiere in Cannes, France. Shu Qi, spokeswoman for Greater China, Taiwanese artist and dancer Xu Fangyi, and Taiwanese actor Xie Xinying attended the premiere red carpet.
   Shu Qi, who came to Cannes with her work ‘Nie Yinniang’, is one of the most watched and expected Chinese actresses at this film festival. This is her third battle with Hou Xiaoxian at the Cannes Film Festival and her sixth time on the Cannes Red. blanket.
   At the premiere of ‘Nie Yinniang’, Shu Qi made a stunning debut with a dark V nude long dress. All the gorgeous jewelry she wore came from Bulgari, Italy’s top jewellery brand and the ‘king of colored gems’ in the world, including high-end flowers. Jewelry earrings, ruby ​​haute jewellery rings and Serpenti series haute jewellery watches. These valuable high-quality jewellery perfectly match the watch and the overall dress of Shu Qi, which further highlights her unique temperament-elegance is filled with soft femininity, sexy It is pure and innocent, and it is as beautiful as the poetic picture of the highly praised ‘Nie Yinniang’.
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