Month: September 2012

Hamilton X-mach Beyond The Sonic Series: The Speed ​​of Sound Is In The Master

Founded in 1892 in Hamilton, Lancaster, PA, USA, it is currently a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor. Because of its combination of strong American spirit and unparalleled accuracy, as well as the most advanced Swiss winding movement and technology, it has become one of the leading watch brands in the world. And because of its deep roots with many well-known Hollywood movies, it has become a favorite watch brand in the minds of many people.
     Hanbiao has a long history of aviation. In the 1920s, Hamilton became a prestigious military watch supplier for the U.S. Army. With its precision and stability, it became the designated timer for major American airlines. Los Angeles ‘time. In the 1940s, during the Second World War, Hamilton stopped the manufacture of civilian watches, focusing on the production of special watches for the United States Army, Air Force, and Air Force. During World War II, a total of 1 million watches were provided to the US military as timing tools Among them are many aviation instruments and watches with stable performance and excellent functions. The ‘pilot’ series of Hamilton continues the simplicity and texture of the aviation military watch of that year, giving people the most realistic image of aviation military watch-powerful and reliable, and bringing the pride of fighting the sky to the square inch of the wrist.
    People who yearn for flying pursue the freedom of the vast blue sky, but also the impulse to move forward rapidly. Hamilton Transcends the speed of sound with its unique ‘Mach conversion function’ to bring the extreme pleasure of supersonic speed from 10,000 meters to our wrists.
     ‘Mach number’ is the ratio of the actual flight speed to the speed of sound propagation, and is one of the most important flight parameters. With the clever conversion of the ‘Beyond Sound’ watch, the wearer can get the Mach number of the flight through the easy-to-read parameters PA (pressure altitude) and CAS (corrected airspeed) on several instruments. The flying atmosphere of the entire watch is extremely extreme.

     The charm of ‘beyond the speed of sound’ is far more than Mach conversion. The entire watch exudes a vigorous dynamic. The buttons and the carbon fiber layer embedded on the side of the lugs, the sharp arrow-shaped bottom on the case back and the small 9 o’clock seconds hand with compass design all convey the breath of passion and sport to the wearer.


Barrel-shaped Watch: Loading Time With ‘barrel’

If ‘watches’ were suspected of ‘reduced pocket watches’ in the early days, then Tonneau Cintree, which was produced at the same time as this concept, was once a ‘watch’. Solidly laid down half of the country. Cartier Tonneau Cintree
    As early as the beginning of the 20th century, Cartier had designed Tonneau Cintree. In the era when pocket watches were in service, this design was used to make lightweight and compact women’s watches that fit the lines of women’s wrists. After finding that he was loved by men, he entered the field of men’s watches, which was all the rage. When and where and when the first wine barrel watch was created are so diverse that it is difficult to confirm, so the widely recognized Cartier Tonneau is now considered the earliest wine barrel watch.
    Cartier’s barrel watches are mostly beautiful and exquisite, the dials are clean, the moments are marked with Roman numerals, the precious metal case is embedded with precious diamonds, like a very polite gentleman and lady, this is almost a barrel-shaped watch Set a basic tone. ‘They are very suitable for formal occasions with formal attire,’ said Wang Wei, director of the editorial department of Time Concept. Most barrel-type watches exude a strong retro and elegant atmosphere, reminiscent of the mellow red wine stored in the barrel. This tradition can now be tasted at the count and Longines.

Vacheron Constantin Malta Barrel Watch
    In 1912, the birth of the Vacheron Constantin Barrel Watch brought another great change to the traditional pocket watch design, and opened up new possibilities for Barrel Watches. At that time was the rise of the French Art Nouveau. The long curved barrel-shaped edge made people who were used to round pocket watches quite curious, like seeing a brand new timer whose crooked and childlike Arab The numbers are also addictive. Although influenced by the subsequent Art Deco movement, jewellery was inlaid on the watch, in order to coordinate with it, the figures on the Vacheron Constantin barrel table have gradually become slightly more regular. Evil ‘gas field. At the ‘100th Anniversary Exhibition of Vacheron Constantin’s’ Barrel Shape ‘Design Held Not long ago, 12 vintage Vacheron Constantin barrel tables from the Geneva Museum told people this story of change.

Franck Muller
    ‘Barrel watches can be said to be a sublimation of the appearance of watches. Now almost every brand will make its own barrel watch, of course, the craftsmanship is very different.’ Lao Chai, a hand expressor, said. In the 1990s, Franck Muller’s “crazy” barrel watch can be said to have caused alcohol fever on the wrist in recent years. Its 12 hours on the dial are marked by distinctive Arabic numerals. Whether silver or colorful, these sizes are not A figure of teeth dancing claws but harmoniously forming a circle is memorable. ‘Arabic numerals can dance on the dial of FM.’ Lao Chai said with emotion, ‘In terms of color, FM gives numbers to life. The dark night shows colorful time, using metal to set off the art of text. ‘

Richard Mille RM021
    Of course, another crazy wine barrel is Richard Mille. Under the hollow design dial, RM002’s fierce and rugged mechanical device can be seen at a glance. RM026 can see the red and green two diamond poisonous snakes panning on the core. ‘But you won’t feel uncomfortable. Instead, you will be attracted by its large-scale hollowed-out wine barrel. Look at it a few more times.’ It can be seen that when full-hollowed watches are popular, the barrel table is not behind at all. ‘In terms of movement, the square inch has always been an arena for all brands to show their skills. Hollow-out technology shows the brand’s fine carving, polishing technology and exquisite internal layout of the movement. It can be said that it is a classic visual presentation ‘Lao Chai said. However, these interesting watches do not mean that barrel tables are inherently connected with ‘weird’ and ‘crazy’. They start from the opposite side of elegance and reinterpret the beauty of elegance with freedom and self.
    Looking at the current watch market, the barrel shape can be regarded as one of the mainstream, and all brands will produce it, but this does not mean that the production chain behind is perfect and mature. In general, in order to achieve good stability, the movement needs to maintain a perfect fit with the case, then the shape of the movement must be consistent with the shape of the case. However, there is no barrel-shaped movement in the mature movement production chain, so the movement carried in the barrel-shaped watch is somewhat aggrieved. ‘Most circular movements are embedded in the barrel-shaped deck,’ said Wang Wei. ‘Also, this barrel-shaped plywood abrasive tool also needs to be made separately. Compared to a circular movement, its cost is higher. ‘Feng Xinghui, a watch expert, also told reporters that compared to a circular movement with large-scale components, the barrel-shaped movement is more complicated in the layout of the circuit because of its long and narrow, and some functions are difficult to achieve,’ For example, the large oscillating weight in the center of the automatic winding device can not be put into the barrel table, so basically the cascade table with manual winding is generally more common. Some brands will use a very special miniature oscillating weight to achieve automatic winding. ‘
    Although the movement has a long life, this does not hinder the determination of the barrel-shaped watch to ‘multi-function’. All along, the complex functions of chronograph, tourbillon and perpetual calendar have been many in the ‘barrel’. In front of this watch, you can not only enjoy the sophisticated mechanical charm, but also think about a ‘toast to invite the moon’ or talk with three or four friends in a row-maybe this is the biggest of the barrel-shaped watch The charm.