Month: May 2012

Romantic Spring Color Carol Roger Dubuis 2015 Velvet Haute Joaillerie Ladies Watch

French poet Baudelaire once said: ‘Romanticism is neither a matter of fashion nor emphasis on complete precision, but it lies in the middle of the two and goes with the feeling.’ Dubuis Roger Dubuis perfectly balances the bold and avant-garde elegant style with the sublimation and innovation of traditional art. In this romantic spring, I put on a neoclassical robe and hummed a color carol belonging to Roger Dubuis. A colorful presentation of Velvet Haute Joaillerie’s fine jewelry watch. Warm yellow, tender pink, sapphire blue, intense red and other shades outline the soft posture of spring, the natural fusion of flowing design curves and unique decoration, and the mysterious and confident atmosphere of elegance-nobility and sexy.
   Roger Dubuis weaves a strong and passionate relationship with women: women who believe that high-end mechanical timepieces are not a man’s patent and who always love precious stones and elegant designs; Women who want everything-especially when she chooses a timepiece companion to wear on her wrist; those who are clearly aware of their feminine characteristics and have the courage to express this charm.
Velvet Haute Joaillerie High Jewellery Watch RDDBVE00XX
   The unique design gives the unique charm of the Velvet Jewellery watches. The dial’s distinct striations create a three-dimensional effect. The slender applique Roman numerals extend towards the center of the dial. The delicately decorated lugs perfectly integrate the strap with the 36 mm case. The case between the round shape and the barrel shape brings unprecedented visual beauty, strengthens the bold style, and complements another classic element of the series-soft and charming curves-exuding endless Charm and elegance.

   This model is based on a 36mm diameter white gold haute jewellery watch set with baguette-cut diamonds and offers a selection of models. These superb timepieces are fully paved with 367 beautiful diamonds totalling approximately 11.26 carats: baguette-cut diamonds are set on the dial, ring, lugs, buckle and decorative position, while brilliant-cut diamonds are set on the dial’s outer ring. The decoration of two precious stones (approximately 0.50 carats each) makes these watches more distinctive. Customers can choose their favorite precious stones according to their personality and taste, such as deep rubies, strong blue, pink or yellow sapphires, and mysterious emeralds.
   Behind superb craftsmanship and graceful poetry, the charming timepieces of the Velvet celebrity series have a heart that adheres to mechanical skills. Roger Dubuis faithfully adheres to the principle of reliability, for this series is equipped with the latest generation of RD821 automatic mechanical movement. This movement is entirely designed, developed and produced by Roger Dubuis, following the purest watchmaking tradition.

   All Geneva watchmakers Roger Dubuis fully comply with the latest stringent standards set by the Geneva Seal. The ‘Mark of Geneva’ is an official certification issued by the Canton of Geneva. Only a few watchmakers have been awarded this honor. It is the official guarantee of the watch’s normal operation and precise function. This certification also proves that the watch movement is entirely handmade, assembled and adjusted in Geneva and meets the strictest standards of watchmaking.
   This Swiss watchmaker based in Geneva is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection, and tirelessly develops watchmaking craftsmanship and unique technology that goes beyond extremes. Roger Dubuis has a full range of watchmaking factories. It is also the only brand in the world where all precious timepieces are engraved with the Geneva mark, which has become a guarantee of exquisite watchmaking.
The price of this watch
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150,000 Hublot Limited Gem Watch

THdoor, a Japanese shop that specializes in selling precious watches, this time launched a high-priced route brand HUBLOT to join forces with the dark tide brand mastermind Japan to create precious joint watch models limited to 30 worldwide. The theme is HUBLOT’s Big Bang. The whole is made of ceramics and fired, supplemented by TITANIUM titanium alloy.
The surface is made of expensive gem sapphire material to ensure its clearness, not easy to scratch, and value. It is clearly visible on the pointer plate at 12 o’clock and the HUBLOT logo is marked. The currency is about 150,000 RMB.

HUBLOT Limited Gem Watch


Interacting With Mammoths 10,000 Years Ago Lange & Heyne ‘i-type Movement’

Whenever you talk about the material of the watch, you will invariably think of various new alloys, or they are made entirely of silicon. However, German watch brand Lange & Heine (Lnge & Heyne) has its own unique views on this. Lange & Heyne uses Mammoth Ivory from Siberian Permafrost, Russia for more than 10,000 years to make ‘I-type movement’ I-type movement made from 10,000 years ago
    Lange & Heyne believes that ‘silicon, which is not a perfect element, is only suitable for large-scale application in the computer chip manufacturing industry and will not appear in our works.’ Persisting the perfect fusion of traditional watchmaking skills and pure hand-made is the goal of Lange & Heyne’s unremitting efforts.
    Lange & Heyne’s new works always bear the imprint of historical classics. Lange & Heyne uses Mammoth ivory from Russia’s Siberian permafrost zone for more than 10,000 years to make an ‘I-type movement’. Mammoth ivory’s exquisite natural texture and cream tone blend perfectly with other carefully polished parts in the movement, making it a visual feast. This movement will be used in the ‘Friedrich August I’ or ‘King Saxony John’ models, which are completely customized according to customer requirements.