Month: April 2012

Pocket Philippe Straight Perpetual Calendar Three Question Pocket Watch

Patek Philippe Three Perpetual Calendar Pocket Watch
Model 844, perpetual calendar, three questions, movement number 861093, case number 317101, model 844. The movement was manufactured in 1947, was finally completed and packaged in 1973, and sold on December 1, 1980.
18K gold case, keyless, three questions, perpetual calendar and moon phases, 17-law sub-caliber, rhodium-plated, 29 rubies.
Estimated price: 100,000-150000 Swiss francs
Commission price: 146,500 Swiss francs
Patek Philippe Straight Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeat Pocket Watch
In fact, the perpetual calendar displayed by this sun and moon star in a “straight line” actually has a special name, which is the “American” perpetual calendar. As early as the period of Art Deco, this clear and convenient perpetual calendar appeared most often in the United States under British colonialism at that time. After World War II, it became popular again and was quickly adopted by the world. Accepted by watch lovers.
If the transaction price of the previous Lot’s linear perpetual calendar brought us ‘surprise’, then the price of this one will be taken for granted. What is more interesting is that a movement that has been designed and manufactured since 1947 was finally completed and successfully shelled in 1973 after 26 years, and was finally sold after 7 years-the span of the front and back reached 33 year! What happened in the meantime? I do not know. However, don’t you think this is where it is interesting and valuable.


Light And Dynamic Tasting Bvlgari Diagono Magnesium Chronograph

The Diagono Magnesium series of Bvlgari watches with a distinctive personality forever has been a very special watch in the watch industry since it released a sports watch showing contemporary style last year. Today, Bvlgari equips the new Diagono Magnesium watch with its favorite high-level complications and uses new materials to make this bold and sporty sports watch exude high-performance excellence. Today the watch home brings you a red chronograph using new materials, reference model: 102308.

   This watch is a chronograph with light materials and dynamic charm. It uses a manually wound movement. The red surface makes the watch more dynamic, making this watch a comparable to the best Italian The perfect watch for sports cars.

Watch with new material and rubber strap

   The watch is made of high-tech materials such as magnesium alloy, high-tech ceramics, Motorlac lacquer, and PEEK (polyetheretherketone), which perfectly shows the concept of advanced complex functions. The red lacquered surface of the watch has a sandy effect, which is very beautiful. The chronograph function dials are arranged reasonably and neatly. The watch comes with a tough, sporty black rubber strap. The entire watch is very modern and light.

Watch side view

The black crown has shoulder protection on both sides, and two timing buttons on the top and bottom adjust the timing function

   There is a stainless steel PVD ceramic crown and two black PVD stainless steel chronograph buttons on the side of the watch. The round crown in the middle is decorated with round pits, which is easy to grasp when adjusting, and shows the dynamic charm; A shoulder protector protects the crown. The square chronograph buttons on both sides of the crown are polished to smooth the chronograph function of the watch.

Tough, lightweight and dynamic rubber strap

   The watch is equipped with a black rubber strap. The strap design is simple, but the simple lines make the strap more dynamic and attractive. The strap is equipped with a PEEK pin buckle, which is easy to wear and not easy to open by itself.

Viewed from the side, the case and bezel are very layered and beautiful in design

6.1 mm thick, round case

   The thickness of the case made of the new material is 6.10mm. The materials include magnesium alloy, PEEK and ceramic. Magnesium alloy is a lightweight material with very high rigidity and mechanical strength. It is widely used in intermittent high-tech fields. And PEEK is a kind of ultra-strong Nikon Star and extremely light polymer, which can withstand high temperature and harsh environment, and has strong stability.

Black bezel engraved with the Bulgari name

   The bezel of the Diagono Magnesium watch is made of lightweight, extremely wear-resistant ceramic, and the English name of Bulgari is engraved on it. In addition, the surface of the watch case is coated with Motorlac material, which is a very dense protective coating that can effectively protect the case and is more beautiful.

The red dial with enthusiasm and confidence matches the color of the case

   The dial of this watch is red. In fact, the Diagono Magnesium chronograph is available in black, red, blue and gray. The color of the dial is consistent with the color of the case. Red has the characteristics of enthusiasm and boldness, which is in line with the sports style of the watch.

Three chronograph dials are hour, minute and second

Date display window between four and five

   The three small dials on the dial are chronograph dials, all of which are decorated with snail-shaped patterns; the small dial at three o’clock is the chronograph second dial, the thirty-minute counter at nine o’clock, and the twelve-hour chronograph dial at six o’clock. At the same time, there is a date display window between the four o’clock and five o’clock on the dial, which can bring more convenience to life.

Geometry and lines combined with dynamic lugs

   The design of the watch’s lugs is very delicate, and it is extremely angular. The geometry and lines make the lugs masculine, which is in line with the watch’s temperament. The lugs are linked with the strap by screws.

Closed-bottom case back with bolts, with manual winding movement inside

   The bottom of the watch is a dense bottom. The black bottom is fixed to the case with screws. The bottom is printed with the Bulgari name and watch information. The watch case is well-sealed and the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. The watch is equipped with a Bulgari-made manual-winding mechanical movement, model B130. The movement vibrates 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz) and has a 42-hour power reserve.

Summary: The Bvlgari Diagono Magnesium watch is inspired by ancient historical stories. The name Diagono is derived from the ancient Greek word agôn-an ancient word used to describe competition and efficiency, in harmony with the rules of movement, against brutal violence or any outrageous traits; by showing grace, it shows elegance. At the same time, the use of high-tech to show the modern urban atmosphere, in all sports watches to show this unique style of light and dynamic.