Month: January 2012

Various Flowers Tasting Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Extraordinaire Amour Watch

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Charms Extraordinaire series has always been a symbol of the brand. The feminine charm of the series is interpreted with gentle aesthetics, and the classic lucky charms of the series flow around the dial. In this year’s SIHH, Van Cleef & Arpels has launched three Charms Extraordinaire Langage des Fleurs collections based on the design of bright bouquets. There are three styles, each of which outlines different designs with different materials. Today, Watch House brings one of them, Charms Extraordinaire Amour.

   The floral patterns depicted in this series are symbolic, and the dial is decorated with a bouquet that conveys people’s inner hope, love and expectation. Lucky charms are like blooming flower buds. The three dials are crafted from a number of exquisite traditional techniques, including flat or three-dimensional fine-painting and convex round enamel.

   This Charms Extraordinaire Amour watch is the largest dial in the series. On the 38mm rose gold dial, the exquisite dial outlines the exquisite beauty of laurel bamboo, forget-me-not and rabbit ear flowers, vividly showing the flowers Brocade scene. The bezel is set with diamonds and pink sapphires, and the rose gold Charms lucky pendant is set with pink sapphires and manganese aluminum garnets.

   The screw-in rose gold crown is hidden in the case, and the top of the crown is set with a beautiful diamond.

   Bright red alligator leather strap, exquisite workmanship, clear texture, color matching the style of the entire watch. This watch comes with two interchangeable shiny alligator leather straps, which can be worn by wearers to match different moods and preferences.

   The sides of the case are polished and the corners are smooth and rounded. The full English name of Van Cleef & Arpels is engraved on the non-crown side.

   The rose gold pin buckle, set with neatly arranged fine diamonds, is even more noble.

   Visual inspection should be Charms lucky charm with rabbit ear flower design, inlaid with pink sapphire and manganese aluminum garnet, and the bezel inlaid with gemstones wants to echo, delicate and beautiful, and can be rotated around the bezel 360 degrees.

   The workmanship of the dial is extremely delicate and beautiful. The engraved mother-of-pearl dial is beautifully painted to perfectly express the lively posture of rabbit ear flowers swaying in the wind. The laurel and bamboo incense created by the convex enamel process is more dynamic and lifelike, creating a delicate beauty of light and shadow. Rabbit ear buds made from a pear-shaped pink sapphire are crystal clear. The design of the big two hands, the rose gold hour and minute hands, although there is no scale display, still does not affect time reading.

   The dense bottom case design, with a symbolic theme motif, rabbit ears engraved on the watch’s rose gold back cover, echoes the flowers on the dial. Equipped with a quartz movement to ensure accurate and stable travel time. This watch is a limited edition.

   In summary: Van Cleef & Arpels’ ultra-high-tech women’s watches are mostly based on natural elements, and this watch is no exception. It can be said that it is an exquisite work of art, precious metal materials, exquisite gems and fine inlaying technology. The dial is picturesque, and the three-dimensional effect of flowers is created through carving, painting and enamel. I believe no woman will not like it.


The Fairy Tale In My Heart, Flying With The ‘little Prince’ Of The Nations

As one of the best-selling books in the world, The Little Prince looks at the world of adults from the perspective of a child, thereby reflecting the true nature of life. Interestingly, its author, Anthony Saint Exupery, was a pilot. When he finished this fairy tale, it was 1942, when he had passed the unbelievable year. In 2005, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand IWC began to cooperate with the Anthony Saint-Exupery Youth Foundation. Since then, based on this philosophical literary work, IWC has launched a series of ‘Little Prince’ special edition wrists. table. In 2016, IWC opened the year of the pilot series, and once again enriched the pilot series ‘Little Prince’ special edition watch, the most representative of which is the model IW502701 large pilot calendar watch.

Huge size large pilot series
    In the first half of the last century, two brutal world-class wars led to subversive changes in the world structure, and some new types of warfare tools were born, including flight formations. In order to let officers and military personnel with special duties know the time in time, the government forces at that time (especially the Royal Air Force) began to design standards and customize watches for the military. In 1936, IWC introduced the first pilot watch Spezialuhr für Flieger , Also known as Mark 9. In 1940, the twelve brands jointly produced a batch of almost uniform military watches for the British Ministry of Defence, Mark 10. At the same time, IWC designed a large pilot watch for pilots to improve the pilot’s control and readability of the watch. Since then, this large pilot watch has also become the design blueprint for today’s IWC. The name of the large pilot’s watch is not because the watch is larger than the ordinary pilot’s watch, but actually because it uses a large crown designed for pilots, so that pilots can operate the watch with gloves.

    In 2002, the modern version of the IWC large pilot watch was born, with the same large-size crown and a large case. Due to the enlargement of the case, the space of the dial also increases. Therefore, the larger, eye-catching hour markers and hands make the large pilot watches instantly a trend and become the leader of the current big watch trend. Today, the case size of large pilots’ watches reaches 46 mm, far exceeding the standard size of men’s watches of 36-42 mm.
Seeking the meaning of life from an authentic perspective
    The IWC Large Pilot’s Watch ‘Little Prince’ Special Edition is the seventh edition launched by IWC to commemorate the literary work ‘Little Prince’. It always reveals the thinking about life. ‘Little Prince’ I believe many people have seen it, even if not, I have heard of it a little. This is a work with profound philosophical thinking. Although it is presented in the form of fairy tales, it is precisely through the pure ‘Little Prince’ representing the planet B-162 that it reflects the imagination and complexity of the adult world. In this book, the author recounts what the little prince has seen, heard, and met, based on his ‘memory’ of meeting and becoming friends with the little prince in the Sahara desert.

    Snakes, roses, foxes, merchants, kings, rose gardens, strange cities picking stars, and so on. There are too many allegories about love, integrity, humanity, and society, leaving the little prince at a loss on other planets. He doesn’t understand the adults’ world. This is the best interpretation of the dilemma that the author, as an adult, maintains a curiosity, but cannot communicate with adults in the same adult world. In order to pay tribute to the ‘Little Prince,’ behind this model, the entire red and gold automatic oscillating weight is portrayed as a little prince standing on the planet and looking up at the starry sky.
First Large Pilot’s Watch with Seven-Day Chain
    The large pilot series has long developed into an extremely rich product, and can even be called a relatively independent series. In the large pilot series, this is the first time that IWC has added an annual calendar and a seven-day chain watch. Throughout the past large pilot watches, long power is not uncommon, but when it comes to the almanac, it directly rises to the perpetual calendar, or the double calendar. This is the first time that the calendar function is presented in a very balanced and simple way.

    Of course, this way of presenting the calendar is not new this year. In 2015, IWC introduced the window-type calendar 7-day chain watch in the Portuguese series. The automatic winding movement 52850 used at the time was also this year’s large pilot “small ‘Prince’ special edition with built-in movement.

    The calendar function may become more and more popular because it is simpler than the perpetual calendar. It is no longer high in price and unreachable. At the same time, it only needs to be manually adjusted on March 1st every year. This is only one step more than the perpetual calendar, so this is a function that strikes a balance between function and economic benefits. What about the seven-day chain? I do n’t think I have to say much anymore. The success of IWC 7 is enough to prove its significance. In fact, the full barrel under the chain can provide 8.5 days of power. In order to reduce the error caused by the lack of power to the watch. , IWC cut off the power behind by a small device, and can only output 7 days of kinetic energy.

Summary: The annual calendar function designed by IWC, with three windows at 12 o’clock, presents the calendar information clearly and conspicuously. As a special edition of the IWC pilot series ‘Little Prince’, it not only uses red gold to make the case, but also retains the important characteristics of large pilots. At the same time, it is limited to 250 pieces, which is destined to be owned by only a few people.