Month: September 2011

Review Of Patek Philippe Military Officer Ref.5053 For Foreign Enthusiasts

The birth of the Patek Philippe Calatrava series is a coincidence. In 1932, the Charles and Jean & bull; Stern brothers acquired the company from descendants of the company’s founders and became the founders of the brand. Since then, time has witnessed the superiority of Patek Philippe at the top of the industry. The industry position determined by their brand value is unparalleled (except for the indirect competitor of Rolex), and the brand’s rare watch resale price is also high. Incredible, but their high-end products are still in short supply. Nonetheless, most of the watches they currently produce must also meet Calatrava’s entry-level standard, ‘mdash;’ a collection of brilliant brilliance derived from high value and complex craftsmanship, although each watch itself is not eye-catching.

Figure Patek Philippe Ref. 5053 Appreciation 1
 At the beginning of the series 70 years ago, Patek Philippe has long been clearly positioned to express the elegance and simplicity of traditional business watches, aesthetic enjoyment, timeless design, detailed processing and classic proportions. It has traditionally combined timing tools and jewellery, and attempts to promote both. Looking at the long history, it is not necessary to think about whether Patek is successful, because the results of the market are obvious. Their products have evolved along with the surrounding cultural environment, and the collection has grown significantly. In the past, the Calatrava series was once 30mm or 31mm in diameter, but now it has become more than 33mm in design, and some have reached 36-37mm; and it has also launched sports products that could not be achieved due to some technical problems in the past. However, the current model 5053 retains the characteristics of the traditional style, with 2 or 3 hands and a 31-day calendar.

Figure Patek Philippe Ref. 5053 Appreciation 2

Figure Patek Philippe Ref. 5053 Appreciation 3
 As an officer’s watch, the knife and crown graphics that represent traditional military patterns are indispensable. The outer diameter of 36mm is no small for Calatrava, and the thickness of such a huge body is maintained at 9.5mm. The surface of the 5053 is domed and the dial is monochrome. The numerals and hands are Breguet-style. They are simple and pure black, and the dial has a pale yellow luster, and has a delicate crystal-like texture.

Figure Patek Philippe Ref. 5053 Appreciation 4

 The Patek Philippe officer watch Ref.5053 uses the 315SC self-winding mechanical movement introduced in the 1980s. Its biggest feature is that it is thin and light enough. It consists of 30 gems and has a thickness of only 3.22 mm. With the advantages of reliability and adaptability, the 315 movement is widely used in various calendar and perpetual calendar watches, and this Calatrava has not changed in this regard. This movement features a free balance wheel with a diameter of 27 mm and a 48-hour power reserve.

Figure Patek Philippe Ref. 5053 Appreciation 5

Figure Patek Philippe Ref. 5053 Appreciation 6

Figure Patek Philippe Ref. 5053 Appreciation 7

Figure Patek Philippe Ref. 5053 Appreciation 8
 In order to fully appreciate the benefits of this watch, the holder must accept and conform to the characteristics of the watch. Unless the transfer is considered, its value has almost nothing to do with money, and there are no features that can attract people’s attention beyond a few feet. (Can attract people’s attention). Real appreciation is only possible from close range, especially during daily wear. The 5053 is a sophisticated chronograph, elegant jewellery, and probably still fashionable (classic) in 50 years. Although this watch is not a painstaking effort, there is nothing worth concealing (patent pending) and there is no need to repeatedly play with it, but I love it for ten minutes.
PS: 315 movement is Patek Philippe’s first manually wound movement with a high swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour, with the Geneva mark.


Inherited Power──seiko Astron 8x Series Watch

For a watch brand that once set off the quartz revolution, innovation is no longer news. Compared with the revolutionary technology of that year, even the saying that ‘one day, all watches in the world will be made in this way’, no matter how dramatic the change is, it does not seem strange to see it today; this is like the past A 3.5-disk disk with a capacity of only 1.44MB. Is it harder to see USB than to see it?

   Astron 8X Series SSE073J1 watch titanium case, ceramic bezel, diameter 45 mm, hour, minute, second, date, weekly calendar, AM / PM, two places, world time in 40 time zones, power reserve, summer time Time display, flight mode, GPS satellite radio reception, automatic hand position correction, 8X53 GPS solar quartz movement, full power for about 6 months, full power saving mode for about 2 years, Super Clear Coating Crystal glass mirror, waterproof 10 bar (100m), titanium strap.
   However, what makes watches and clocks interesting is that the old technology will not be eliminated, but only improved; the more mature the technology, the richer the works will be. Take Seiko Quartz Astron as an example. A watch equipped with a quartz movement more than 40 years ago was really a majestic and expensive at the time; now everyone can have a quartz watch, and there is no need to change the battery often. It’s convenient to charge in the sun. Not just solar energy, Seiko also added satellite positioning technology to the watch, launched the first GPS solar timepiece in 2012, also under the name of Astron. For Seiko, Astron is synonymous with innovation. Compared with the 7X series of the previous generation, the 8X series of watches has been advancing with the day. In addition to the new functions of the 8X, it has also adopted a ceramic bezel to improve the sensitivity of the ring receiver. As long as the surface senses sunlight for more than 5 seconds, it will automatically receive satellite waves to synchronize the time on the faceplate with 40 time zones around the world. This function is most suitable for international travel; even if the boat and car are exhausted in bed and forget to adjust, the correct local time can be read when you wake up; of course, the home time at 6 o’clock is also true. The date and day functions are the same as any perpetual calendar watch in the world, and can be accurately continued until 2100. The status of the power reserve can be seen through the indicator at 10 o’clock.

   Astron 8X Series SSE075J1 watch titanium case, ceramic bezel, diameter 45 mm, 8X53 GPS solar quartz movement, fully charged for about 6 months, power saving mode is fully charged for about 2 years, hours, minutes, seconds , Date, weekly perpetual calendar, AM / PM, two places time, world time in 40 time zones worldwide, power reserve, daylight saving time display, flight mode, GPS satellite radio reception, automatic correction of pointer position, Super Clear Coating Crystal glass mirror, waterproof 10 bar (100m), titanium strap.
   Although these features did not bring the shock of the first quartz watch, in the era when traditional timepieces are also difficult to avoid the influence of science and technology, the development of new technology is obviously a living path. From Astron in 1969 to today, Seiko’s creations have become increasingly sophisticated. It is the childhood memory of many older generations for watches and clocks, as well as the new generation’s affirmation of Japanese timepieces. Even if the original prediction did not come true, it successfully brought the watch to another realm.

   Astron 8X SSE041J1 watch titanium case, ceramic bezel, diameter 45 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, perpetual calendar, AM / PM, two places, world time in 40 time zones, power reserve, summer time Time display, flight mode, GPS satellite radio reception, automatic hand position correction, 8X53 GPS solar quartz movement, full power for about 6 months, full power saving mode for about 2 years, Super Clear Coating Crystal glass mirror, waterproof 10 bar (100m), titanium strap.


Tissot Tissot Moments Of Motherly Love Shine-news Tissot

In the history of women’s watchmaking for more than a century, Tissot has never stopped exploring and innovating the world of women’s watches and clocks, in order to express the brand’s respect and praise for women to the world, and to open the world’s women The profound impact of the watch, Tissot Tissot series is the legendary witness. Tenderness In May, in this season of praising mother’s love, Tissot Huiyi series of mechanical diamond watches condensed exquisite thanksgiving time, combining the excellent Swiss quality in the watch, no doubt this year’s Mother’s Day highlights the modern woman’s independence, self-confidence and elegant time. .

Tissot Huiyi series mechanical diamond watch, simple color without powder, full of confident style

Inspired by the roses in the Tissot family shield badge, this watch interprets the aesthetic propositions of women and nature, softness and resilience with blooming flowers. The top Wesselton diamonds are set on the dial scales, and at the same time as the mother’s love moment shines, she also witnesses the mother’s leisurely change between different moments and different identities. Whether it is the simple color without applying pink daisies, the unique hollow petal-shaped hands, or the rose pattern engraved on the automatic hammer, all of Tissot’s refined expression of feminine beauty from different angles-independence, confidence and elegance. At the same time, the Mechanical Power 80 movement (Powermatic 80) has injected a precise soul into this extraordinary design watch, ensuring that the watch travels up to 80 hours, reducing the tediousness of watch adjustment, and making mothers more Take control of your time with ease. The children’s gracious selections are carefully selected, condensed in the wrist to condense an endlessly beautiful time, and dedicated to the independent, confident and elegant modern women at the Thanksgiving Festival in the early summer.

Everlasting love for mothers
The Tissot Huiyi series mechanical diamond watch blends the beauty of nature into the design concept. Every detail comes from the meticulous care of time. The mother-of-pearl dial, diamond setting and soft scale design are matched with the flowing hollow petals. The pointers are poetic expressions of the mother’s eternal beauty. The simple and smooth watch lines are like the mother’s trickle tenderness; the tooth-shaped design of the bezel resembles the blooming flowers, which also adds a mechanical charm to the watch. From the reverse side, you can see the exquisite flower-shaped decoration engraved on the watch’s automatic hammer. Its design is derived from the rose in the Tissot shield badge, which outlines the entire movement as a blooming rose. Through the transparent case back, you can quietly watch the precise operation of the mechanical power 80 movement, and you can also play the vitality of the abstract rose pattern and the specific movement parts together. The beauty hidden behind it is like the mother’s restrained and implicit expression of love for her children, which is worthy of deep taste. The diamond-set scales shine with self-confidence, and each diamond is a dazzling imprint of a mother changing her identity at different times. The noble and magnificent time is danced by the mother in the ticking movement of the hands, which belongs to the mother’s elegant touch. A watch interprets the noble and gorgeous feminine style.

Resolute and feminine qualities, elegance and calmness after baptism over time, have condensed in the Tissot Huiyi series of mechanical drill watches

Passing on Swiss quality
As one of the first well-known Swiss watchmaking brands to manufacture women’s watches, Tissot has been adhering to the brand concept of ‘innovation and tradition’ for more than 160 years, and has never stopped exploring and researching women’s watchmaking. The diamond watch is the proof of this legend. The watch uses a mechanical power 80 movement and has a durable and precise mechanical power reserve, ensuring that the watch can travel up to 80 hours. While designing innovations, it gives fashion women’s watches more technical connotation. At the same time, it reduces the tediousness of watch adjustment and makes mothers more time-controlled. At 12 o’clock on the dial, Roman numerals are used, and the rest are diamond-inlaid scales, which are simple and appropriate. The date display has the function of enlarging the dial, so that mothers can easily read the time and date. Together with the elegant streamlined strap, the comfort of the watch is maximized. While protecting the mother’s wrist, it is also the most intimate expression of children.