Month: January 2011

Carefully Held For The 4th Hamilton Behind The Scenes Heroes

Behind the scenes and behind the scenes is a whole. The light in front of the stage cannot be separated from the efforts after the opening, and then the staff behind the scenes have never been known, so an award is needed to recognize these behind-the-scenes workers, 2015 On the evening of November 5th, Hamilton and high-end men’s magazine ELLEMEN held the fourth behind-the-scenes heroic ceremony of Hamilton. The awards were given to the workers who silently paid behind the scene. In the 798 Art District, many Chinese movie stars gathered on the scene to present awards to the workers behind the scene and pay tribute to them.

   This time the Hamilton BTCA gathered, more than 20 movie stars such as Wu Xiubo, Deng Chao, Duan Yihong, Feng Shaofeng, Huang Yi and other famous movie stars will set foot on the red carpet of this ceremony, presenting behind the scenes heroes a trophy symbolizing the glory of the movie, Highest respect.

Actress Ma Li and the director of the recent hot movie ‘Charlotte’s Trouble’ attended the event.

   Famous martial arts star Nie Yuan and beautiful actress Ye Qing. Nie Yuan believes that the deputy director on the set should be the representative of the hero behind the scenes, and it is very hard for a crew to run. Ye Qing believes that the film set is also very hard and important.

   The famous movie star Huang Yi remembers that when he watched the wrong Huajiao and married the couple in childhood, he remembered the ancient and strange Huang Yi. Now it is a matter of years ago.

From the exhibition of Lu Zhanbo in ‘Love Apartment’, Jin Shijia’s display looks much more handsome than on TV.

Handsome want to lick the screen, the famous movie star Feng Shaofeng.

The famous movie star Duan Yihong, the scene felt a bit embarrassing, or the reason for the shape.

Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, it turned out that teasing was really born.

Dear Uncle Bo, the scene felt friendly and attractive, and it was revealed that ‘Beijing Meets Seattle 2’ is expected to be released next year.

   The current four members of the jury were originally five. Jiang Wenli did not arrive at the scene, so there were only four. From left to right, Mr. Liu Zhenyun, chairman, writer, and screenwriter of the current jury; Mr. Chen Jianbin, member of the current jury, actor and director; and member of the current jury, du Yuan dubbed by Zhang Yimou as a gold editor Madam; member of the jury, Mr. Zhang Yang, Jia Zhangke’s recording engineer.

   After the red carpet was gone, the awards ceremony began, which is also a relatively strong place.

Speech by President Hamilton

Four judges giving speeches

   Hao Gang, senior sound effects engineer in Blue Bone, and Wen Bo, sound effects in One Step Away, won the Best Sound Award. Deng Chao and Yu Baimei presented the best sound effects.

   Cinematographer Wang Yu won the Best Photography Award for his infectious performance in Golden Age. Feng Shaofeng and Zhang Yang presented the best photography award.

Liu Qing won the Best Art Direction Award for ‘One Step Away’, and Wu Xiubo and Du Yuan awarded the Best Art Direction Award.

Sang Lin won the Best Action Direction Award for his movie ‘Embroidered Spring Sword’. Nie Yuan and Ye Qing presented the Best Action Guidance Award.

   Chinese rock singer Cui Jian and jazz godfather Liu Yuan won the Best Original Music Award for ‘Blue Bones’, and Huang Yi presented the Best Original Music Award.

   Chen Tongxun won the Best Styling Guidance Award for ‘Peace Wheel (Part 1)’, and Chen Jianbin and Jin Shijia presented the Best Styling Guidance Award.

The best light award was won by Xu Ou, a senior lighting engineer in ‘One Step Away’, and Ma Li presented the best light award.

   Zhu Lin won the best editing award for her masterpiece ‘Massage’, and Guo Xiaodong awarded the best editing award.

   A special award that night was the best screenplay award that Li Wei won for his masterpiece ‘Golden Age’. Duan Yihong and Jia Zhangke presented the best screenplay award.

Summary: That night, at the last moment, the Hamilton Special Award for Behind the Scenes was awarded to Mr. Tong Zirong. Mr. Old has been working behind the scenes and worked hard. This award deserves its name. Silent cultivation will eventually bring glory to the fore, and the fourth behind-the-scenes heroic ceremony of Hamilton has come to a successful end. With the experience of the previous behind-the-scenes heroic festivals of Hamilton, this time it is even more successful. Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes heroic ceremony.


Stunning Four-seater! Athens Watch With Grand Fire Enamel At Monaco Yacht Show

To pay tribute to the world’s most prestigious yacht show, Athens Watch has launched a new model of the nautical series Pilot’s Watch. This watch is limited to 100 pieces and is equipped with a large fire enamel dial. The Athenian watch continues its glorious nautical and military traditions and wonderfully interprets the ancient Great Fire enamel craftsmanship.

   This year, global luxury yacht enthusiasts once again gathered in the resort port of Hercules to celebrate the luxury event presented by the Monaco Yacht Show. In the beautiful and idyllic atmosphere of Monaco, the official sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Show-Athens Watch presents a new model: Nautical Pilot Watch Monaco Limited Edition, limited to 100 pieces. Since the beginning of the brand, sailing has been the core theme of the Athenian watch. This time, Athens Watch released a new nautical timepiece, which once again demonstrated its leading position in the field of nautical watches. From September 25th to 28th, 2019, visitors from all over the world and enthusiasts of fine watchmaking can explore the new works of Athens watches in the upper lounge of the yacht show.

   Mr. Patrick Pruniaux, Chief Executive Officer of Athens Watch, said: ‘Athens Watch has a profound and clear cooperation with the Monaco Yacht Show because of its long maritime heritage. Both the Monaco Yacht Show and Athens Watch are committed to the sea, luxury, precision and innovation. We are very proud to be working with the Monaco Yacht Show for 11 consecutive years. ‘

   This year, 125 superyachts and nearly 40 luxury dinghies will be displayed under the sun on the azure coast of Hercules Port. As the official sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Show, Athens Watch will demonstrate the expertise, innovative ability and unique genes of the deeply rooted nautical heritage of the brand.

Tailor-made large enamel dial

   The Athens watch has long been associated with the sea, and its nautical series is to pay tribute to this long and rich history. Today, the series welcomes a new member: a limited edition of 100 nautical series pilot watches Monaco limited edition, and equipped with The large fire enamel dial showcases its watchmaking technology. The Donzé Cadrans enamel workshop under the Athenian watch company is exquisite in craftsmanship, using the most pure traditional craftsmanship to make enamel dials. The enamel dial is an ancient skill. There is no official training institution, so all craftsmen are trained in the workshop.

    ‘Daming fire enamel’ means vitrification of mineral materials, which is an ancient and exquisite craft. All processes are done by hand, and breaks often occur. As a result, the finished products of the Da Minghuo enamel dial are even more precious and popular.

   The first step of the process is to apply enamel powder on a brass base and then fire it at a high temperature of about 800 ° C. The Nautical Pilot Watch Monaco Limited Edition uses white and gray enamel powder.

   The second step is to attach the time stamps and inscriptions to the dial with enamel powder paint. Then fire the dial again to melt the new enamel coating and keep the dial surface flat. This means that the dial will be flattened by a piece of carbon. This process requires a high level of skill, and because carbon may leave marks on the enamel surface, the consumables are large.

   After that, the dial is fixed to the case, and two other small dials are assembled. To complete the assembly process, a file is needed to adjust the chamfer of the gray power reserve disk and small seconds dial. It was then soldered to the white dial.

   The enamel dial contains mineral components that are resistant to UV rays and never fade.

Nautical Pilot’s Watch Monaco Limited Edition

   The name of the Athenian Nautical Pilot’s Watch is derived from the flexible and agile small vintage torpedo boat of the 19th century. This series of watches is very suitable for the modern urban lifestyle and is extremely comfortable and pleasing to the eye. In addition, this series of watches is a true captain’s timepiece, accompanied by the Swiss official observatory certification COSC and Athens watch certification, the collection of contemporary top-level watch design, highlighting a continuous line of superb watchmaking craftsmanship.

   The Nautical Pilot’s Watch Monaco Limited Edition features elegant, slim blue Roman numerals, pear-shaped steel hands, and the Athenian logo on the screw-down crown. The small seconds dial at 6 o’clock has a date window and the red ‘MonacoYachtShow’ and the words ‘09.19’ in commemoration of this annual event in Monaco. The date window displays red numbers 25, 26, 27 and 28 to highlight the date of the boat show. The blue alligator leather strap is embellished with white safety stitching, a tribute to the nautical world.

   The Nautical Pilot’s Watch Monaco Limited Edition is completely independently designed by the Athenian watch, equipped with the UN-118 self-winding movement regarded as a treasure of the brand, with a 60-hour power reserve (small dial display at 12 o’clock) and silicon Anchor escapement.