Month: July 2010

Athens Limited Edition Complex Craft Watch, Challenge Watchmaking Process

In the field of traditional mechanical watchmaking technology, ‘Ask Watch’ has always challenged the brand’s highest benchmark in watchmaking strength. This can be attributed to the fact that many fashion brands have competed to release tourbillon watches in recent years Rising prices and seeing clues, but there are only a handful of fashion brands capable of publishing watches, even professional watchmaking brands.
Hunting Filigree Enamel Painted Limited Watch
    In the field of top-level complex mechanical watches, the Athens watch has always played a pivotal role. The Athens watch, which has always been occupied by creative thinkers, continues to carry forward the art of enamel color drawing watches. The ‘Jungle Minute Repeater Timepiece’ launched earlier is unprecedentedly popular. Athens Watch specially launched the ‘Hunting Minute Repeater’, which continues the myth of ‘Jungle Minute Repeater’. The ‘Hunting Minute Repeater’ is equipped with a double cloisonne blue dial, which highlights the three-dimensional sense of the watch and is precious. There is a small fish hidden in the middle of the double-layer dish, showing the crocodile opening its mouth to catch the small fish. When the timekeeping function was activated, a thrilling African hunting journey began: the ferocious lion stretched out its claws and darted the little monkey, and the little monkey swung back and forth from the tree to dodge. The intricate and delicate enamel painted watch is definitely the perfect crystallization of beauty and high quality.
Royal Blue Flying Tourbillon Diamond Watch
    Over the past 20 years, Athenaeum has dedicated itself to the revival of filigree enamel-painted watch faces and has incorporated this superb skill into the ‘Hunting Minute Repeater’. The watch’s double cloisonne dial and lifelike dolls are hand-crafted with filigree enamel painting techniques. When the three-question performance is activated, the concept of time lapse is presented in a lively way, and the dual enjoyment of viewing and listening is perfectly combined, confirming the extraordinary watchmaking skills that are unparalleled. At present, only a few people in the world’s clock painting masters can make exquisite filigree enamel painting watches, whose rareness and collection value are self-evident.


Japanese-style Lacquer Art: Chopard L.U.C Xp Urushi

Chopard launched a new and extraordinary work for the precious L.U.CXP watch series, continuing the Chinese Zodiac commemorative watch that is pursued every year. The brand specially selected Japanese traditional dill painting technology to present a brand new watch with the theme of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Pig. The pig symbolizes tolerance, ingenuity and innocence. This exquisite and elegant work presents the image of a happy golden pig on the dial and is equipped with an ultra-thin movement of Chopard L.U.C96.17-L. Known as the essence of the ancient Japanese lacquer painting art, Maki-e is perfectly integrated with the top Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship, creating a brand new L.U.CXP Year of the Pig watch, limited to 88 pieces. As always, the Chopard Masters celebrate the Chinese New Year with a symbolic dial. The Lunar Year of the Pig will begin on February 5, 2019 and end on January 24, 2020.

LUCXPUrushiYearofthePig gold pig dill watch 18K rose gold case, 39.5mm diameter, dill paint lacquer dial, presenting the ‘Golden Pig’ 2019, hours and minutes, LUC96.17-L automatic winding movement, power reserve 65 hours, sapphire crystal glass and bottom cover, waterproof 30 meters, alligator leather strap, limited to 88 pieces.
Extraordinary art reveals harmony and temperament

 The dial of this new zodiac watch is entirely handmade, and Chopard pays tribute to the long-standing Asian culture by using the traditional Japanese dill painting process. On the dial, a round (meaning happiness) golden pig (a symbol of abundance) is strolling through the colorful forest. The zodiac pig represents sincerity, hard work, friendliness and generosity in the traditional Chinese zodiac culture. Therefore, the Year of the Pig symbolizes success and prosperity, and is also a year of celebration.

Urushi Lacquer Art: Continuing the ancient precious art
 Urushi means an ancient traditional lacquer art. Its name comes from ‘Urushi’. Raw lacquer raw materials are extracted from lacquer tree once a year, and a small amount of resin is collected. Three to five years after the resin is collected, it can become a very durable raw lacquer after aging and processing. The raw lacquer raw materials can be painted layer by layer, and each layer is extremely thin. This requires extremely rigorous and delicate work methods. Only the experienced master Fang, who has many years of experience, knows this, fine small particles with iridescence, and gives the paint a three-dimensional impression, sparkling brilliance, and meticulous layer changes.

The L.U.CXPUrushiYearofthePig watch is equipped with the L.U.C96.17-L automatic winding movement and has patented Twin® double barrel technology.
 Just like the L.U.CXP watch in previous years, Chopard worked with the Japanese royal lacquer maker Yamada Heiando to create this precious dial. The Japanese lacquer master Shiki Ichiro, known as the ‘National Treasure of the World’ in Japan, designed the dial in person, and Chopard specially invited Master Shiki Koizumi to draw it. Such arts and crafts can only be matched with L.U.CXP watches.

 The artisan masters at Chopard Watch Factory follow the tradition of fine watchmaking and hand-decorate this low-key and elegant timepiece. The case is made of ethical 18K rose gold. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can enjoy the beauty of the L.U.C96.17-L movement.

The master of Maki-eiko Koizumi draws a L.U.CXPUrushiYearofthePig watch.
Chopard Fine Watchmaking
 As a family-run brand, Chopard firmly adheres to the spirit of independence. All the processes of making L.U.C watches are done in the brand’s watch factories in Geneva and Fleurier. From movement conception, finished product design, cast gold, case stamping and processing, movement component production, traditional hand engraving and decoration, surface treatment, polishing, assembly, adjustment and quality control, Chopard masters every production link perfectly, every All LUC series watches are such extraordinary masterpieces. These watches are the result of exquisite craftsmanship, extraordinary, meet the expectations of modern gentlemen. L.U.C watches cleverly combine exquisite craftsmanship, excellent quality and rich emotions.


Lange Gold Watch With Luminous Display

Since its launch in 2005, the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE watch has become the best companion for people and travelers in different regions. This timepiece, made of white gold, with luminous hands and inset scales, can still be clearly read in the dark, allowing the wearer to easily move through 24 world time zones.
  The LANGE 1 TIME ZONE watch is convenient for travelers traveling to and from different time zones and accurately reads the time. Its dial indicates the current time in both the home area and the second time zone at a glance. You can easily switch the time zone display by simply adjusting the button. To this end, the watch is equipped with a rotating circle engraved with 24 city names, each representing a different time zone. Each time the button is activated, the rotating circle will advance 15 degrees to the east, pushing the hour hand of the auxiliary disk one hour forward. The smart synchronization device is designed to make the regional time on the small dial consistent with the main dial and easy to operate. The small dial hand will then move to the original position of the large dial hand.
  The new LANGE 1 TIME ZONE watch is equipped with a noble white gold case. With the luminous hands on the eccentric main dial and auxiliary dial, rhodium-inlaid scale, and power reserve indicator, all settings can be clearly read in the dark. Whether at home or on the road, Lange’s classic timepieces can accurately indicate the world time, regardless of day and night.
   Lange developed the L031.1 movement, which is the key to the latest member of this famous LANGE 1 series. Its precise and meticulous clock making teaches global watch fans to yearn for Lange craftsmanship. The watch presents many representative quality marks, including 3/4 plywood made of untreated German silver, screw-fastened gold sleeves, dual barrels providing more than three days of power reserve, and gooseneck Spinner, hand-carved balance wheel and intermediate wheel splint, and large calendar display with time on the main dial in LANGE 1 TIME ZONE. Each piece of precision work adds moving moments to every journey.