Blancpain, a famous Swiss watch brand more than 60 years ago, was inextricably bound up with diving activities, and the pioneer of the modern version of the diving watch was born.

   In order to further appeal to people’s attention to marine preservation and protection, Blancpain released the first limited edition
‘Bathyscaphe chronograph’, equipped with Blancpain F385 self-winding flyback chronograph mechanical movement, equipped with a special gray ceramic bezel, bezel with liquid gold scale,
Limited production of 250 pieces. The donations from the sales of watches will be put into Blancpain’s continuous support for marine environmental protection. Every purchaser of a limited edition watch will also be automatically included in Blancpain’s heart of the ocean circle to enjoy the brand’s special privileges.

   Blancpain ‘Heart-Ocean Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe Chronograph’, 43mm case diameter, equipped with Blancpain F385 automatic flyback chronograph mechanical movement, 37 stones, power reserve 50
hour. Limited edition of 250.

   The disk swam in a sea of ​​blue. Watch 釆 uses F385 movement, built-in column wheel timing device, balance frequency vibration up to
The 36,000 flyback interval is only one tenth of a second. Blancpain’s continuous improvement of vertical clutches ensures perfect start and smooth running of the chronograph function without jumping hands or chronograph seconds
Needle speed is uneven. In addition, this model is equipped with a sealed timing button to ensure normal underwater operation.