Month: January 2010

Chopard Raises $ 5.8 Million In Charity With The 23rd Elton John Aids Foundation

On February 22 (Sunday), the 23rd ‘Elton John’ was founded by Sir Elton John and David Furnish The AIDS Foundation ‘was held in West Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, with the full support of Chopard, a fine jewelry watch brand.

   The dinner was carefully prepared by chef Gordon Ramsay and subsequently performed by Nile Rodgers & CHIC.

   Celebrities gathered, Sir Elton John and David Furnish, Heidi Klum, Alec Baldwin, Kelly • Global superstars such as Kelly Osbourne, Petra Nemcova, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Camilla Belle shined on the scene.

 In this activity, Chopard and the Elton John AIDS Foundation raised a total of US $ 5.8 million for AIDS prevention and resistance.


Iwc Sails Into Taipei Sogo Fuxing Pavilion

IWC, a professional mechanical watch brand with a history of 140 years, opened the first new brand concept store in Taiwan today (20). The brand held a yacht party to celebrate the opening day. Fashionable men Ding Chuncheng and Lan Juntian and supermodels Reza and Lin Ruoya were invited as watch show guests to showcase the latest Portuguese watches.
    Fashion F4 American male duo Ding Chuncheng and Lan Juntian acted as guests of the IWC show. The two were good brothers and had good feelings when they walked the show. They were not inferior to professional male models. The tall two stood at 190. Next to Etienne de Gramont, IWC’s Asia Pacific managing director, is no less impressive.
    As the brand’s number one fan, in order to show the brand’s theme, the spiritual heritage of the great navigator, the spirit of adventure, Lan Juntian revealed his past adventures in sailing. When the host asked Ding Chuncheng, let Ding Chuncheng always take the line of temperament. He refused to accept Gaby and invited him to sail the next day. The host, Alex, took the opportunity to put forward a suggestion: ‘Just go together to sail the Aegean Sea.’
Same fashion, different tastes
    Recently, Lan Juntian, who has been working hard and showing fitness, showed proud fitness results at the event. Following the appearance of casual elites, he stood on the deck stage and radiated a dazzling sunny man. He loves sports and believes that practicality is fashion. IWC watches The brand spirit that values ​​the quality of watchmaking is in harmony with him, and logically becomes the number one watch fan.
    As a guest of the show, Gaby Lan Juntian wore IWC’s latest ‘Portuguese Nautical Elite Chrono Watch’, which is both stylish and casual, blending the unique temperament of men and big boys; and wearing a sweet model Ruisa, the two matched The catwalk is full of casual fashion.
    The shortlisted model of the Golden Bell Lin Ruoya appeared at the boutique press conference for the first time, and she looked energetic. The two wore white and elegant dresses, and the picture looked harmonious and romantic. Ding Chuncheng, who has a unique British temperament like Hugh Glenn, dresses up with European-style elites, shows an orthodox European style fashion, is born with an aristocratic temperament, and is completely different from Lan Juntian’s healthy and sunny image. . Ding Chuncheng particularly loves classic timeless watches, and hesitated to see IWC’s latest edition of the “Portugal Tourbillon Retrograde Watch” this year. It’s also fashionable. Lan Juntian and Ding Chuncheng each said that when they were the day shop managers, they also picked their favorite theme area ‘stand cabinet’. Gaby chose sports adventures, Xiao Ding chose the collection classics, one like the sun , One like the moon.
IWC Portuguese Automatic Watch ‘Republic of China 100th Anniversary Limited Edition’ Xiao Ding wears No.1
    Only after the National Day of the Republic of China in 1999, will soon be commemorating the 100th National Day of the Republic of China. IWC Schaffhausen has specially created the ‘Special Edition of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of China’ in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of China. The global limited edition is one hundred. Taipei The SOGO Fuxing Pavilion was the first to be sold exclusively worldwide. As soon as the news came out, many domestic watch collectors were gearing up for the first place. Ding Chuncheng was the guest of the show, wearing the ‘Republic of China 100th Anniversary Limited Edition’ for the first time to meet you. The elegant surface design, with the Taiwan pattern on the case back, ‘FOR TAIWAN’ and ‘ONE OUT’ on the outer ring The word ‘OF 100’ is very meaningful, so that Xiao Ding, who is full of consumer power, frequently asks the brand for the price of the watch, and he seems to want to take it home directly.