Celeton 39 Mm Cristiano Watch Model Of Refinement And Excellence

Baume & Mercier launched two new Clifton series watches, equipped with 39mm 18K red gold case, showing the classic elegance, modernity of this series of watches. The Clayton Collection is the perfect embodiment of elegant style and fine watchmaking. Today, two new works are reinterpreted with dazzling diamonds to reinterpret the exquisite qualities and witness the wonderful moments in the wearer’s life.

   The lines of the Crichton series are round and smooth, marking the double height of Baume & Mercier’s artistic accomplishment and watchmaking. This series is inspired by the brand’s 1950s collection watches, reinterpreting classics with modern temperament.

   Established in 1830, Baume & Mercier has always adhered to the motto of ‘Aestheticism, making only watches of the highest quality’. The two new watches of the Clifton collection follow this brand philosophy and present classic elegance with dazzling diamonds. Depending on the style, diamonds are set on the bezel and the dial, respectively, or just shine on the dial. These two precious masterpieces fully explain the essence of high-end timepieces, and every detail proves the strict requirements of the brand on decorative arts.

   The 18K red gold case is polished and satin-finished, with simple and generous lines and diamond inlay technology. This process is done entirely by hand and requires extreme skill. Carefully setting the diamonds on the anthracite or sun-satin-finished silver dial is a difficult process. The delicate decoration of the Swiss-made mechanical movement through the transparent sapphire crystal caseback is visible at a glance. The watchmaker’s master craftsman completes the assembly of the watch in Baume & Mercier’s workshop in the mountainous region of Switzerland. Each movement follows the brand’s tradition of excellence since its establishment in 1830. The attention to detail reflects the distinguished quality of Baume & Mercier watches, and the masterpiece of the watch engraved with the brand lettering and logo will accompany the wearer through the wonderful moments in life.

Style description:
Clifton MOA 10180 watch
This new watch is equipped with a 39mm red gold case, which perfectly matches various figures and boldly expresses timeless style. This Cleton series watch is low-key and elegant without losing its personality. The smooth, classic and stylish round case and long lugs perfectly interpret the elegance. The sun-satin-finished charcoal dial and 18K red gold polished satin-finished case are even more impressive against the backdrop of nine diamond-set hour markers. The light and transparent setting effect is completed by the extremely subtle manual skills, which gives this watch a low-key atmospheric luxury aesthetic. This Clifton watch is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement, and its delicate structure can be seen at a glance through the transparent case. The watch comes with a black alligator strap and a pin buckle.

Clifton MOA 10194 watch
This watch is fitted with an 18K red gold case and has a classic and timeless 39 mm size. The overall shape of the watch is distinctive, with 72 diamonds (0.58 carats) on the slim bezel. This watch perfectly fits the sophisticated style of fashion and is a great accessory for elegant formal wear. The watch is equipped with three hands, a date display at 3 o’clock, and a sun-satin-polished silver dial with 9 diamonds (0.04 carats). The exquisite self-winding mechanical movement passes through the sapphire crystal transparent watch. Take a panoramic view. This watch is harmonious and perfect, with an elegant black alligator strap with pin buckle.


Advanced Complex Watches Richard Mille 2013 Sihh Exhibition New Product Summary

The annual Swiss SIHH watch exhibition officially opened at 1.21 local time. On the first media day, many brands released their new products. Richard Mille released some new watches Next, I will introduce you to the new Richard Mille 2012 watch.


The shape of RM036 is the barrel-shaped body of the brand. At the request of JeanTodt, this outstanding watch has a circular contour and an ergonomic design. It is equipped with a RM036 tourbillon movement. The movement is made of grade 5 titanium and ARCAP alloy. Made of nano carbon fiber. The combination of these materials brings the best resistance and flatness to the movement. In addition, different parts on the movement are processed in different ways such as polishing, shot peening, and satin processing to create a beautiful pattern contrast, which maximizes the application of different materials. This self-winding movement features hour and minute displays and a small seconds dial, and adds an unprecedented complication: mechanical gravity measurement.
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2013 SIHH (Geneva Watch Show) New Product Preview

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Breguet: Unveiling The 2015 Music Festival With The Geneva International Music Competition

Swiss watch brand Breguet has always been active in the field of art and culture, and has a long history of association with classical music. As a result, Breguet naturally became the main sponsor of the Geneva International Music Competition in 2002. On September 22, 2015, Breguet and the Geneva International Music Competition held a press conference in the Cite du Temps (Address: Pont de la Machine 1) to unveil the 70th Geneva International Music Competition plan.

Breguet and the Geneva International Music Competition hold a press conference in Cite du Temps

   Together, Breguet has witnessed the maturity of the Geneva International Music Competition and has become a benchmark in the industry. In 2015, with the support of Breguet, the competition will select a young composer from the four finalists competing for the composition award to help them realize their musical dreams.
   During the competition, classical music enthusiasts will experience or revisit the past winners at the Laureates Festival. 14 concerts were wonderfully matched, and more than 30 previous winners gathered in Geneva to perform. At that time, the talented flute player Adriana Ferreira will officially debut with her first recorded album, which she won after winning the Coup de Cmur Breguet Prize in 2014. Honor. The closing concert of the 70th Geneva International Music Competition will end with this exciting moment. The closing concert will be screened on November 15, 2015 at the Theatre des Forces Motrices (Address: Place des Volontaires 2).

2014 ‘Breguet’s Love’ winner-flute player Adriana Ferreira
   The next winner of the ‘Breakfast of Love’ award will be selected from the shortlisted artists of the 71st Geneva International Music Competition Vocal and String Quartet Competition. This year, Breguet will sponsor a live performance CD of 17 pianists who have won the top three since 2001. Breguet will also sponsor an Asian tour concert led by the three winners of the 2014 Geneva International Music Competition: Wen Ji Young (Ji-Yeong Mun, South Korea, First Prize), and Palavi Massi Dara (Pallavi Mahidhara, USA, 2nd Prize) and Kim Hongji (Honggi Kim, 3rd Prize), who will be in Taipei, Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo from December 2016 to January 2017 An extraordinary audiovisual feast.


Zenith Zenith Supports The Single Sailing Tour Competition

Recently, the world’s top watch brand ZENITH has signed a three-year cooperation agreement with the world’s top single boat cruise The 52 Super Series and became this competition The official timepiece is to jointly prepare for the first regatta of the 2014 season, Quantum Key West. This season has officially kicked off on January 20, and a number of international events will be held in turn in the United States, Italy, and the Spanish coast.


 As the official timepiece brand of the 52 Super Series, Zenith will fully support the Offshore Monohull Touring Grand Prix, aiming to bring more exciting competitions to the world in 2014 and look forward to longer-term common development after 2015.

 Agustín Zuleta, CEO of 52 Super Series, said during a visit to Zenith’s Swiss factory: ‘It is a great honour to sign the first major sponsorship agreement with Zenith for this event, and we look forward to working with top brands In order to gain more attention and support for the event, this cooperation is undoubtedly a huge leap forward.

 One of the purposes of the 52 Super Series is to accompany the brands that match it, share common values, and work together to face the long-term challenges of the future. The cooperation with Zenith in the next three years will be very beneficial to both of us. 2014 is a leap year for the 52 Super Series, and we hope to attract more brands with the same dream to join us.

 It is a great honour for the world’s top watch manufacturers like Zenith to combine superb watches with high-quality sailing events, and to cooperate with the 52 Super Series in an all-round way to present a visual feast. ‘
Zenith 1

 Zenith Global CEO Jean-Frédéric Dufour said: ‘Working with the 52 Super Series, feel the experienced helmsman demonstrates a high level of competition and witnesses the design for the fastest speed The top class sailing ship, which reminds Zenith of its constant pursuit of excellence in watchmaking.

 In addition, this cooperation embodies the spirit of Zenith’s three major brands: Orthodox, Fearless, and Pleasure-creating unparalleled orthodox craftsmanship through the passion for excellence; and presenting fearlessness through orthodox craftsmanship and innovative design Courage; with the unquestionable sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, it gives itself continuous motivation and thus reflects joy. ‘


Louis Vuitton Surface Is Inspired By The 2018 Early Autumn Men’s Collection

Tambour Horizon smart watch series continues to explore the essence of design, launching a new Vivienne surface.

             Tambour Horizon Black Vivienne with Monogram Eclipse strap

  As the mascot of the Louis Vuitton Collection, Vivienne’s name is derived from the brand’s iconic VVN leather. In the new dial interface of the Tambour Horizon smart watch, her two arms are changed to hour and minute hands, a Monogram flower-patterned eye is rotated as a stopwatch, and the other eye blinks playfully.
  The Tambour Horizon smartwatch brings together the most cutting-edge technology elements to provide the wearer with an easy-to-read, high-performance exclusive time reading experience: an advanced operating system, a high-definition display with resolution and brightness, and a powerful, universal time The read-time system of the domain.

                 Tambour Horizon Black Vivenne alligator strap

  The new Vivienne dial interface is suitable for four smart watches under the Tambour Horizon collection: Tambour Horizon, Monogram White, Tambour Horizon Monogram, Tambou Horizon Graphite, and Tambou Horizon Black.


The Exquisite Beauty You Must See

Since Breguet launched the first classic 7027 in 2005, the Tradition series has never faded out of my sight. The classic 7027 not only retains the 18th century Breguet pocket watch’s traditional structure and processing techniques such as gold, sandblasting, etc., the bold design of the barrel and transmission wheel train is directly viewed from the front of the dial. Classical beauty can become a visually intuitive experience.
Since then, the 7037 with an automatic winding mechanism and a flyback second hand has been introduced, and the shape has still changed the structure and details. I know that the Tradition series will become Breguet’s heritage of advanced watchmaking. Museum of watch culture.
And this 7047PT is the continuation of the Tradition series’ re-inherited concept: the combination of the sesame chain and the tourbillon is a silicon balance spring that is not easily damaged and extremely resistant to corrosion. It is directly designed on the barrel. The new precious metal alloy and improved electroplating process used in the power reserve indicator and surface decoration not only make it a higher level of precision and stability, but also the impact of the complex mechanical structure makes it more Visually it is almost impeccable. I very much appreciate the anthracite color used in its metal alloy movement. It is like the shock brought by the blue steel treasure needle. Even if I never know what it is classical, I can still get a lot after reading it.
In recent years, the call for a comprehensive revival of Breguet has increasingly resonated throughout the altar. As a brand with a long history of watchmaking and countless classic creations and inventions, I believe that Breguet has never been silent, only to build up a thick accumulation. As reflected from 7027 to 7047-its subtle beauty is sure to let you see.


A Real Artwork Sidérale Scafusia Watch

‘The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch is a real work of art, the result of a decade of research and development by a team of engineers, watchmakers and scientists,’ said Qiao Qi, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen. Georges Kern explained. ‘They have successfully combined the functions of solar day and stellar day into one watch. From the front, this great masterpiece inherits the classic design of the Portuguese watch series; from the back, it is a sophisticated astronomical instrument ; And at its core is a major milestone in fine watchmaking. ‘
   However, it is worth noting that each watch in this series is absolutely unique, which may be more attractive than the number and combination of complex functions.
   The most striking feature of this watch is the brand’s patented constant force tourbillon. In the small space of the bottom cover, the astrological map, horizon, geographical coordinates, solar day, stellar day, sunrise and sunset display, and day, night and dawn hours are displayed neatly.
   Also not to be missed is the fully integrated perpetual calendar behind the day display. The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch combines the romantic atmosphere of the night sky with cutting-edge science and technology. It not only has sophisticated and sophisticated watchmaking technology, but also is extremely easy to operate. At the same time, it reflects the watchmaker’s attention to detail and advanced vision.
   The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch has precise performance, detailed details, and is very suitable for daily wear: its water-resistant depth is 3 bar. Although the internal mechanical structure is extremely delicate, it still has amazing shock resistance.
Every watch is unique

   Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watches will not be mass produced. Each watch will be customized according to the customer’s requirements, which is a separate item in itself. Since the star map, horizon, and sunrise and sunset times need to be calculated and displayed on the watch according to the city specified by the customer, each mechanical part needs to be specially customized, and then assembled and individually adjusted. Each customer can not only wear a unique watch, but also has an exclusive astrological map, which reproduces the night sky at the position of his choice on the bottom cover of the watch. The main feature of the Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch is its personalised design as part of a special service.
   Customers can design their precious watches within the scope specified by the IWC design philosophy. The brand offers a range of case and strap materials, as well as five different dial colors and various tone-embedded hour markers and straps for customers to choose from, resulting in more than 200 combinations. In view of the time required for personalized production and the complexity of watch design, buyers need to wait about one year after purchasing. And of course, the production of features is always worth waiting for.


Glasuti Authenticity Identification Method

Observe that some counterfeit plum blossom watches with day and week calendars on the dial of the Glashütte watch have such characteristics: from the calendar window, the outside of the calendar dial is tilted backwards, or the calendar dial is plastic of. The weekly calendar dial uses Chinese to indicate the day of the week or the day of the week in English on the right and numbers on the left. Although some counterfeit Glashütte watches are printed with the sWISSMOVT letter on the dial to indicate the Swiss movement, and the letters SHOCKPROOF are used to indicate shock-proof watches, such Glashütte watches usually have more defects and defects on the dial, such as the dial. The setting is not correct, the lines and marks are blurred, the dial letters or trademark letters and patterns are not set tightly on the dial, there are more scratches, discoloration, and night light spots on the dial, and the night light spots are added to the dial. On the side, the night light point is large and uneven, and there are also inconsistencies in the color of the night light point on the dial and the night light point on the hands.
Observe the back cover of the Glashütte watch case. For original Glashütte watches, especially for men’s watches, you must print many English letters on the back of the case, indicating the name of the Glashütte watch, and country of manufacture (SWISSMADE Swiss Made). , All-steel or semi-steel waterproof (WATER RESISTANT), anti-magnetic (ANTIMAGETIC), shock or shock absorber names, and engraved with the trademark design of the plum watch brand. In addition, some numbers are engraved to indicate the movement number and case number of the plum watch. Most of the patterns and letters engraved on the back cover of counterfeit Glashütte watches are very thick and fuzzy, and the case number and movement number are unknown. The original Glashütte watch usually has an adhesive film on the back cover. Swiss-made gold-plated case watches are engraved with letters such as PLAQUEGI0 at the open position of the case (opposite the spring lever on which the strap is attached), indicating that the case is 10 micron gold-plated. Counterfeit watches do not have this mark, and many counterfeit watches use a process such as titanium nitride to impersonate a gold-plated case.


Rolex Leman 24 Hours Ends Completely

The 80th Liman 24 Hours, sponsored by Rolex, was held in the south of Liman, 200 kilometers from Paris, France, and ended on June 17. This tournament continues to receive Rolex support as an official timing partner. After a long and hard battle, Audi finally overwhelmed the crowd and won the first and second prizes of the event. This is also the first time that a hybrid car has won, and it is also worth paying attention to. The most important thing in the endurance race is precision, teamwork and perseverance. This is also the concept that Rolex, the official timing partner of Lehman, has always advocated. Rolex has been a Lehman 24-hour endurance partner since 2001 and has been its official watch since the World Endurance Championship (WEC) was established.
    The successful trio of gold champions Marcel Faessler (Switzerland), André Lotterer (Germany) and
Benoît Tréluyer (France) stands on the podium again. In this year’s 24-hour race, this championship team
378 laps were equivalent to 5,150 kilometers. Tréluyer said in an interview after the race that the team’s success was fully leveraged
Teamwork results: ‘The game was awesome, and we are very happy with the result. This year we continue to use the teams we participated in in previous years.
Including mechanical engineers, because we have established a pretty good understanding. For this game, we did a lot
Full preparation, and we believe that we can win. Marcel, André and I formed a solid, united team,
We have to fight for our teammates and our team. Hybrid projects give us more motive power, while driving hybrid
Rally car, the first time to win a level like Lehman 24 Hours, it is even more incredible, and at this time
The moment will go down in history, and we are very proud. ‘
    Rolex ambassador Tom Kristensen (Denmark), who has won eight Lehman championships, is now only one lap behind.
two. As before, Kristensen and Rinaldo “Dindo” Capello (Italy) and Allan McNish (Su
Grand) continued to form the team as the runner-up, and the trio successfully returned to the top of the WEC driver list.
    Compared with the LM P1 event, the score of the LM P2 class is closer, because the top three cars are within two laps. Starworks Motorsports Honda has won the team’s second WEC championship award this time. The LM P2 competition is fierce, with at least 20 powerful cars competing. Without perfect timing, Lehman’s 24-hour endurance race cannot show today’s edge. Since 2001, Rolex has been the timing partner of this event, providing perfect official timing support for the entire race. Every year, Rolex presents a special Spirit of Le Mans award in recognition of those who best interpret the spirit of Lehman’s 24-hour endurance race. In addition, the winner will also receive a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch with an all-steel structure. The back of the watch is especially engraved with the words ‘2012 Liman 24 Hours Endurance Championship’, which is of great significance.

   The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch is inextricably linked to motorsport. It is a must-have item for many drivers and enjoys a high status among motorsports lovers. For the driver who has been awarded the title with the championship engraved, this watch represents the highest honor.


German-style Rigorous Tasting Glashütte Original Mp Calendar Watch

The German watch has a very different style from the Swiss watch. The beauty of the German big calendar and its back three-quarter splint and even the gooseneck fine-tuning have the upside-down beauty. Last year, Glashütte Original launched a new Glashütte Original certification system, allowing its watches to be tested for 24 days before leaving the factory to meet high standards in terms of stability, running time and aesthetics. standard.

   This year, the Glashütte Original MP calendar watch is equipped with a new cal.36 movement. The precision inner core under the simple appearance perfectly shows the collision fusion of complex functions and elegant design. There are two choices of materials: stainless steel and red gold.

   The red gold model (model: 1-36-02-02-05-30), with a 42 mm case, has a sophisticated and complex structural design on the dial that allows the date, week, and month display to last until 2100. . The watch comes with a dark brown alligator strap and folding buckle. Unlike the daunting of other complex watches, Glashütte’s original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar watch is extremely simple to adjust.

   The white frosted dial, the layout design integrates multiple functions while maintaining visual simplicity and orderliness. Each function has ample space to display, creating a harmonious and balanced aesthetic. At 4 o’clock on the dial, Glashütte’s original self-developed large calendar is chic, and the two digits are displayed in harmony on the same plane. At 8 o’clock is the moon phase that is soft and curvy, matching the stars, and the three-dimensional relief design is exquisite. Below 12 o’clock is the leap year display window, which is clear and clear. The month and week display are located at 2 and 10 o’clock, which is symmetrical and unified.

   18K red gold crown with double G logo.

   There are practical and beautiful adjustment buttons on both sides of the case, so you can easily navigate a complex perpetual calendar watch in five simple steps. Before adjusting, make sure that the current year is a leap year. The leap year window will display different colors in different years. Then you can adjust the time to the safe area, and then set the year, month, date, day of the week, and time.

   A dark brown alligator leather strap with a folding clasp, this watch also has a short folding clasp and pin buckle.

   The new self-made Calibre 36-02 self-winding movement uses a silicon hairspring to achieve high accuracy; a single barrel ensures a power reserve of more than 100 hours and a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) . Each watch is tested for 24 days by the Saxony watch factory before leaving the factory, and is equipped with an exclusive test certificate and case stamp. Let every watch owner feel the rigor of Glashütte’s original insistence.

Summary: Say goodbye to rigorous complexity, and return to a simple life style. This congressman’s remarkable perpetual calendar watch is always with you like a German gentleman. The clear date display brings you intimate reminders, showing your gentleman’s style with your hands. This watch is currently on the market for 293,500 RMB.